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South African Bird Memory Card Game

South African Bird Memory Card Game

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Embark on an avian adventure with our captivating Bird Memory Card Game, showcasing the diverse bird life of South Africa. This engaging game comprises 50 cards, each adorned with exquisite illustrations of 25 bird species indigenous to South Africa, accompanied by both their common and scientific names. Test your memory prowess as you strive to secure more matching pairs than your opponent in this enthralling game of memory matching, suitable for both kids and adults. Every flip of a card not only brings you closer to victory but also deepens your appreciation for South Africa's remarkably rich bird life.

This Birds of South Africa Memory Game is designed for both entertainment and education, and comes in a sleek and compact box, making it the perfect companion for home or travel. Explore the fascinating world of birds further with our included ‘Fun Facts’ pamphlet, offering intriguing insights into each bird variety alongside game instructions.


  • Custom-made box constructed from 235gsm Kraft board
  • Memory cards crafted from 350gsm white board with a Matt laminate film for enhanced durability

Perfect for family game nights or educational fun, our bird game for kids and adults promises hours of enjoyment for all. Elevate your gaming experience and discover the wonders of South Africa's avian treasures today!

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