Our Story

We all know that there are days when, despite our best intentions, we have the tendency to miss the beauty sitting just beyond our very noses.

At Feat., we design for the ‘walking man’, for the person who is always on the move and on the lookout for something beautiful and interesting. Fueled by curiosity and wonder, we aspire to attract those who want to make thoughtful choices that evoke delight in the everyday, just like we do. We aim to point out everyday beauty, and foster a habit of wonder and delight in those who wish to be marked by curiosity too.

Feat. began in October 2012, when a sock-gifting habit was turned into a business plan. We are a playful, designer-led brand for dreamers and intrepid explorers. Over the years, our business has expanded from purely a designer sock business, to one that explores a vast variety of surfaces for our art and illustrations. In 2020, we began branching out into paper products, and have expanded from notebooks, planners and greeting cards, to exciting, proudly South African memory games that are fun and educational for the entire family!

Our aim has always been to create products that tell a story, taking wearers and viewers on a little adventure; or at least just be one reason for you to smile today. Feat. is short for ‘feature’, because we’ve always loved products that stand out as the feature of an outfit, or become a talking point for conversation. We hope that our designs do that for you.

We hope to never take things too seriously, but there are a few things we do: quality, comfort, customer service and local production. All production is kept local to Cape Town, South Africa, and we aim to always keep it that way.