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A-Z Explorers South African Animal Alphabet Cards

A-Z Explorers South African Animal Alphabet Cards

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Embark on an adventure through South Africa with our A-Z Explorers: South African Animal Alphabet Cards! Discover the captivating world of the alphabet while encountering the diverse wildlife of South Africa. Each of the 26 cards features a beautifully illustrated South African animal, from the agile Bat-eared Fox to the majestic African Bush Elephant. Designed for children ages 1-8 years, these cards are perfect for learning the alphabet, exploring new animals, and fostering creativity and cognitive development.

Each flash card features a proudly South Africa animal, along with its corresponding letter and name on the front of the card. The card backs feature fun facts about each creature. When opening the box and removing the flash cards, you will find instructions and extra fun tips inside, with the aim to assist parents, care-givers and teachers in using these cards in fun and insightful ways with children. Shop more of our exciting kids’ products in our designer kids’ range.


  • Custom-made box constructed from 320gsm white, side-coated board
  • Memory cards crafted from 350gsm white board with a Matt laminate film for enhanced durability
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