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We first came into contact with Leila Badsha when she spearheaded the pop-up shop ‘Shoestring Collective’ in the Gardens Center in 2013. She along with her unique accessories brand Bo Peep was looking for an avenue to draw attention to the immense design talent in Cape Town. The Shoestring Collective pop-up was so successful that she subsequently curated the Fabricate Pop-up in Cavendish and moved the store to Gardens Centre at the end of 2014. You will find Fabricate on the 1st floor of Gardens Centre bursting with interesting designer products. In the store you’ll find a classic selection of high grade A local design including Zana products, Stockton Goods, Postcard Happiness, White Rabbit Days, Arty Miss, and many more...

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"We are a non-profit organisation, but we don't want to evoke compassion. You won't find photos of sad, undernourished and miserable looking kids on our website. It is well known fact, that there are millions of young children around the world with fewer opportunities and prospects than we have. At Mon Coeur, we are trying to find a useful way to aid these children by raising funds and give them a better future. A small donation can have a huge impact. All we have to do is take action and share a tiny bit of our wealth." Besides being beautifully merchandised the Mon Coeur bracelets make a great gift, one that gives twice as all the proceeds go towards building...

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