- By Chelsey Wilson -

Our latest funky sock range, entitled 'Treasure Hunter', is one of our most special to date. Not only does this sock range reflect some beautiful imagery, but it speaks more generally about our brand as a whole. We won't draw this journal post out with too many wordy details, as we have this wonderful animation below to tell you what it's all about, so be sure to give it a watch! This animated short film was created for us by talented, Cape Town-based animator and film maker, Greg Bakker, and we feel it aptly depicts the ethos of our brand and the ethos of this specific 'Treasure Hunter' range so beautifully.

Our sock company began with a love of socks and gifting, but it swiftly evolved to become a happy medium for me, as a designer, to turn my love for collected treasures and memories into walking artworks. I love being able to use this mobile canvas, that is 'the sock', into a precious but useful wardrobe item that has the ability to tell stories and make people smile. As the film below communicates, I used to love exploring as a child...digging found objects up at the beach, or discovering awe-inspiring natural beauty in streams and rock pools. I loved the stories that these objects could tell. And while I don't find myself in as many streams and sand pits these days, I love to take the memories of my travels with friends and happy moments with family that are stored up in my mind, and turn them into happy sock designs.

FEAT. sock co. from Greg Bakker on Vimeo.


Below you can see the entire range of sock designs. It comprises of five designs altogether, all of which I am very proud of. All of these happy sock designs can be purchased from our sock shop in Cape Town. Alternatively, you can click on the 'SHOP' link above to head over to our online store and purchase them directly. We ship our socks across South Africa and the world!

We hope you think these are some of the funkiest socks in South Africa (and the world), like we do. We put so much time and care into designing thoughtful patterns, that combine exciting colours and prints, and a sense of wonder in the world around us.

Unisex 'Explorer' socks

Unisex 'Gemstone' socks

Ladies' Rock Pool socks

Unisex 'Stamp Collection' socks

Men's 'Treasure Map' socks

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