By Sima Mpahla (a converted sock-aficionado)

Generally, I have never regarded socks as a top fashion accessory. I never seem to keep a matching pair for long. Between the time I've done my laundry and packed my clothes, I've lost one sock. It was an embarrassment every time I had to wear non-matching socks (usually termed "John & Mary" where I grew up) in front of my friends.

Then I met FEAT. socks...the happiest socks in Cape Town, and they changed my perspective on socks! I've grown to appreciate the creativity, time and effort put into conceptualising and designing a funky, quality pair of socks. My time spent at our shop in Muizenberg has given me a first-hand experience of the value a pair of socks has on our customers. FEAT. socks have the ability to cheer a person up and bring out the child in people; they go crazy over this new found treasure. Our socks solve the headache of what gift to buy for your loved one which has helped me a lot. Whether customers buy our socks as gifts or buy them because they are unique and locally made, I have witnessed the LOVE they have for socks in every purchase.

Being able to observe this LOVE for socks, I have come to appreciate socks and keep a matching pair long enough. I guess LOVE conquers all!

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