The story behind some of my latest designs

I’ve mentioned both the perils and learning curbs from the 2020 hard lockdown here already, but what I haven’t mentioned yet is how the beauty of Autumn totally captivated me throughout those first few very tough weeks. The leaves of the Liquid Amber tree on the front lawn slowly transitioned from green to fiery red over the course of those three weeks. The Oak leaves changed from orange to brown before dropping to the ground, creating a blanket of crispy leaves all over the lawn.

I started a creative project named #21artworks21days to keep me inspired and creative (and sane) over those first daunting weeks, and on one of the days I decided to collect some autumn leaves from the garden and paint them. You can see the end result below if you like. The rich, warm colours of the leaves completely grabbed me, and made that time at home quite bittersweet. It was tough for all the obvious reasons, but being able to admire the changing season around me was such a treat.

I also felt a special appreciation for home and all of its comforts. I’m a natural introvert, so the thought of being at home for days on end, getting stuck into my own projects, doesn’t scare me much at all. I realised how much I had exerted my introversion to its limits in running my business and namely, my brick-and-mortar store, and having to engage with people constantly. I savored the time to slow down and enjoy the pleasantness of home, without feeling the pressure to socialise.

These two blessings - the colours and impressions of autumn, along with the beauty of home comforts - are what have inspired my latest range. Take a look at my latest sock designs below...

Log cabins, wide vistas, warm wood fires... I was totally inspired by nature and watching the weather change last year. I allowed myself to be transported into a dream getaway destination when designing these socks - and this dream getaway obviously includes a cat curled up beside the fire too. Not only is my new range filled with these dreams, but I thought that the ladies’ knee-highs and men’s extra-length socks would be the perfect way to embrace the winter and cheat the cold, pairing perfectly with your favourite winter boots! I’ve combined these longer-length, stripey socks into combos too, so you can purchase two pairs at a discounted price.
I have so much more to share about my latest range and products, but I’ll keep you waiting a little longer. Thank you for reading. Until next time!

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