My little wire-haired fox terrier, Teddie, comes to the FEAT sock shop with me everyday, and is really one of the best "sales people" when it comes to selling funky socks. As soon as customers see her standing at the gate looking out with her fluffy, wagging tail, they're instantly drawn in to say hello and inevitably buy some colourful socks once inside. The problem is that despite greeting customers and running back and forth to them with her ball, her energy levels stay high as a kite all day long. I try to take her walking at the Vlei in Muizenberg every afternoon, but some days I'm just far too lazy. In the event of my laziness, I walk her around the block and throw her ball up and down my hallway at home in an attempt to neutralise her ridiculous energy levels. But when I do muster up the energy to take her to the Vlei I'm always really happy I did, because there are so many beautiful things to see.

Funky socks made in Cape Town inspired by adventures around Cape Town 

I love it the most when the flamingos are out in full force, chilling in the shallows and amazing me with their back-bendy knees. There's also something special about the looming mound that is Muizenberg mountain. There's nothing spectacular about the shape of this lumpy peak, but when you're standing at the Vlei looking up at it, it appears so strong and immovable and there's something powerful about that.

Muizenberg Peak from the vlei

I've always been a sucker for architecture; I definitely get this from my dad. I'm particularly drawn to old houses; the ones that inspire a homely, nostalgic feeling and remind me of doll houses I loved playing with in my childhood. I imagine them all with beautiful wooden floors and high ceilings. There are a lot of lovely homes like this in Muizenberg so, as I walk to and from the Vlei, I love to take them all in and imagine what they must look like inside and how I would decorate them. The one pictured below reminds me so much of a doll house with it's off-set roof and cute bay window on the front left side next to its ornate doorway.

Old houses in Cape Town

I've been wanting to try create artwork for a sticker set for a little while now. I'm pretty obsessed with stickers, especially to use to decorate gifts to make them look extra cute and special. I also thought a sticker set would be a lovely free gift to go with online orders, especially since our zines designed by our intern Maggie are now all finished *sad face*. So, for my first sticker set I decided to take inspiration from my "walkies" at the Vlei with Teddie. I hand painted the first page and then scanned it to reproduce a number of sticker sets. You'll receive one of these sticker sets (featured below) with any order of 3 pairs of socks or more, while stocks last.

Sticker sets by FEAT. sock co. Get a free sticker set when you purchase 3 pairs or more!

Head over to our 'SHOP' to purchase your happy socks. Remember that all of our socks are designed and made in Cape Town, South Africa. If you're not keen to purchase socks online, pop in at our sock shop in Muizenberg, Cape Town, to purchase at our brick-and-mortar store.

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