A friend of mine has an incredibly effective way of making people feel special. When someone is talking to him they receive his full attention. He looks into their eyes and engages without interrupting them. He is so consumed by the interaction that it seems like the rest of the world falls away when you are speaking to him. People love talking to him. He makes people feel truly special.
On the other hand, many use the word 'special' indiscriminately. It has been bandied about to lure those who fall prey to empty promises into unfavourable circumstances.
What I'm saying is that I understand that you may feel skeptical about my use of that word, but I also know what it is to feel special. 
I also know that lately, we have had fewer and fewer opportunities to make our loved ones feel special for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or their special achievements. I speak from my own experience and of what I've heard from friends and family - first, lockdown made it impossible for us to see loved ones. Then the knock-on effects of reduced income, higher sanitation standards, and everything else, made it harder to get to loved ones.
I'm not saying I can fix that for you. I can't. I wish I could. But I can suggest a way to maybe make a little easier.
When I speak about our R250 special I know what I'm talking about. A lucky packet of six of our socks - the last of our best sellers - and a beautiful notebook is a deal you won't see every day... except that you will see it every day until September 14th! You can select a men's pack, a ladies' pack, or a mixed pack (three of each) and if you are wanting to send it as a gift we can even deliver it for you - just give us the recipient's delivery details when you pay. 
Shop our men's 6-pair special. Our funky socks are made in Cape Town, South Africa
Our socks are locally designed (unless we collaborate with an international designer) and they are all locally produced in Cape Town. Many of them feature recognisable South African animals and all of them carry beautiful, colourful designs that bring a spark of joy wherever they go.
So catch up on those celebrations missed during lockdown, or stock up for Christmas, or treat yourself, but whatever you do, don't miss out on this opportunity to make someone special feel special by making use of our special. We look forward to packing your order.
Special sock combo of 6 pairs and a free notebook, made in Cape Town, South Africa

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