Often customers will ask us which socks from our range are our favourites. What a tricky question! Our socks are like our babies, and favouritism is cruel, right?! So, we decided to post a 'sock of the week', every week. We still feel it's cruel, but hopefully less so.

This week, we're loving our new Carbs socks. This design is a bit like a protest piece. Covering a pair of socks in carbohydrates is our way of saying NO to this banting craze that's going around. Other names for this sock include: The Anti-Banting sock, and The No-No-Noakes sock. Many South African's will have heard of local scientist and professor, Tim Noakes, who has endorsed this high-fat and protein (banting) diet that tells everyone to cut out ALL carbs. While we firmly believe in the 'each-to-their-own' policy...we say that our own is ALL CARBS ALL THE TIME! And so, this sock is an ode-to-carbohydrates.

Donuts, pizza, pretzels, pasta...we love you and we'll never let you go! We hope you love this sock design as much as we do. These funky socks are made in Cape Town, South Africa, as are all of our socks. And you can purchase them in both mens and ladies' one size fits all. Find them at our sock shop in Muizenberg, Cape Town (33 Palmer Road), on our online store, in other retailers and at our stall at The Neighbourgoods Market at The Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock (every Saturday from 9am - 2pm).

Colourful, funky socks covered in donuts and pretzels

Photography by Roxanne Lindenberg
Nail Art by Janet Stewart for House of Wellness
Model: Janet Stewart

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