I remember when I was in school "normal" was a topic of hot debate, and if teenage angst and penchant for drama is anything to set store by, then it probably still is. However, in light of recent, global events (y'all have heard about the pandemic, the second waves, the lockdowns, and all, right?) the topics of "what is normal", "the new normal", "the return to normal" (whatever that is), and "will we ever have normal again" have been debated far past the schoolyard.
The schoolyard! Hardly are those words out when a vast image out of the newsreels troubles my sight! Because not only does every school and workplace look wildly different from anything we would have imagined (both for the future in general and for any kind of apocalyptic movie), but now the whole world and his dog are also trying to get their vehicle registration sorted (South African joke). 
So, dear reader, in all this upside down, allow me to try out a new definition of normal... (clears throat emphatically): normal is what makes an individual feel comfortable. Does that sound good to you? Normal is waking up in your own bed, feeling well, enjoying your preferred beverage (alcoholic or not), and... wearing a comfortable, beautiful pair of socks

And let's sweeten that deal, shall we? Not only are the socks beautiful and comfortable, but they are also locally produced in Cape Town. This ensures the lowest possible carbon footprint and also means that the uncertainty in imports, exports, customs, et cetera, is not going to affect your normalcy more than is already has. 
And did you hear? San Parks are opened! Yay, another step towards normal! So whether you are able to get there or not, why not celebrate it with one of our designs inspired by our beautiful South African nature. Our Penguin Rock socks (available in men's and ladies' sizes) are hot off the loom and already one of our best sellers. 
So take the plunge: buy a pair of socks and restore some normalcy and comfort to your life.
Ladies' Pink Penguin socks, designed and made in Cape Town, South Africa
Men's blue penguin socks by FEAT. socks. Designed and made in Cape Town

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