by Sima Mpahla

Since I joined the amazing FEAT. sock co. team (the cool brand that makes the happiest socks in Cape Town), I have decided to take on an attitude of 'never say never'! To begin with, my academic background may not be complementary to FEAT., but my passion to understand systems and my hunger to learn how a small business is run has helped a great deal.

This past week, I was asked by 'Boss Lady' to model in a new sock photoshoot that will showcase our next range of socks. I was faced with the challenge of either declining the offer or taking up the exciting new prospect and seeing what might happen. I had all kinds of excuses at first; as more of an administration assistant, modelling isn't really part of my job description, and I'm not really one for being in front of the camera...my Facebook page is proof of that.

Then I thought to myself, "Why not do it Sima?! Get out of your comfort zone and try something new! What's the worst that could happen? Be a FEAT model and wear these wonderful funky socks all day and get treated like a star...if all else fails, maybe you could take up a career in foot modelling?"

I encourage all FEAT. sock co. customers to challenge themselves to get out of their comfort zones and try something for the first time! Say 'Never say Never'...get out there, have fun, and look out for our new range of socks that really put a bit of boldness in your step!...I would know!

Remember that all of our socks are made right here in Cape Town, South Africa. You can purchase them directly from our sock shop in Muizenberg, or from one of our other stockists in South Africa (and other parts of the world). You can also buy online right here through our online store.

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