By Kaylin Pond

Over the past three weeks I have been surrounded by the colourful and uniquely creative world of FEAT. socks co.

  Starting out I wasn’t sure what to expect but it has been quite an exciting experience learning the ins-and-outs of this funky business.

As a fashion student there is a wide range of possible careers that we have to consider and choose to go into, one of those options is to venture out and start your own business. Me, knowing the very basics of what it takes to set out on such a daunting task decided that interning would be a good start to widening my knowledge and what’s better than being around fun and vibrant socks all day?

From day one Chelsey Wilson (designer of all the amazing socks you see) has kept me quite busy. From packing numerous boxes of stock to a fun little window display and even designing my own socks!

One of my projects was sewing together some coin purses. These purses are a new project that Chelsey has embarked on with the help of Keisha Kallis who hand-embroiders each beautiful design.

Keisha works for Sparrow Society, the local brand that FEAT. sock co. shares a shop space with. Keisha wanted to find a way to make a bit of extra cash to take her kids on exciting adventures, so Chelsey taught her some embroidery and was instantly blown away by her stitching talents. 50% of the sale of these coin purses goes directly to Keisha, the other 50% covers the cost of fabrics, trimmings and purse construction costs.

Overall my internship with FEAT Sock Co has been anything but boring, from the people who work there to the socks that are designed everything radiates with a spirit of playfulness and excitement.

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