- By Shakiera Stemmet -

It's another Wednesday, 2pm has come, and I am anxious (but also excited) to do another blog post. All this after a morning like any other in Cape Town, were the struggle of Public transport strikes again! It's so disappointing, though it ought to be so useful to so many. But it never really changes, unfortunately.

Allow me to go back in time and give you all a proper introduction. I'm Shakiera Stemmet. For now, I'll  just keep my age a secret *wink wink*. I'm from Lavender Hill, which is in Retreat, Cape Town, South Africa. I matriculated at the end of 2011, from Steenberg High School, were Athletics was one of the biggest priorities. So of course, I too had to take part for the first year of high school. But as the years passed by, my interest passed too.

Those five years of high school passed by like a quick wind on a summers day! It was an amazing, but tough roller coaster, to say the least. But the best five years of any young teenager's life. In those days there was no stress or panic about life, just the freedom of a bird.

After all that though, the big, wide world welcomed me, with a gap year I never intended to have. I first looked into working abroad, trying my hand at Au pairing, however, when that did not materialise (for various, good reasons), I found myself doing a Life Skills and Computers course. Over that December, I also worked as a casual employee at a Company called 'Cape Herb and Spice' and I apprenticed at a Hair Salon for Men called 'EDGE' for a little while. But when all of that ended for me, I decided to enrol at Falsebay College, studying to be a Management Assistant at their Fish Hoek Campus. I really enjoyed my studies there. It was a whole new environment with lots of new people to meet, and a different route to travel.

In this new, student environment I was back to the basics...back to books and studying which is never really fun, but we have to make sacrifices for our futures. I met amazing people on my journey and I also found myself a great weekend job at company called, 'The Playstation'. 'The Playstation' is a restaurant and play park for kids, where I became a waitress. That was a first for me! It was challenging having to deal with customers sometimes, but fun too. The environment was always pleasant as we were all young adults running the show. I have met the most amazing people, who have become life long friends today.

When I completed my studies at Falsebay College, I had to put the theory work into practice with an internship, so I could gain the experience I needed in a work place and get my certificate. This has led me to the doorstep of beautiful FEAT. sock co. (and their lovely, branded doormat) at their cute sock shop in Muizenberg, Cape Town.

I'm saying hello to the finest things in life, and for now it's socks where I found myself. That's not where the story ends but that's the beauty of my new start!

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