If you're a woman, you'll likely know the joy of female friendships. Welcoming your friend in for tea, to chat about life and catch-up about relationships, work and exciting new developments, or simply processing some of life's challenges together and gaining advice and wisdom from one another, is one of the beautiful things about being a woman. There's nothing quite like knowing you have the love and support of your close friends. And there's something quite unique about the feedback a friend like this can give...loaded with equal measures of honesty and kindness, empathy and love.

I'm not sure if any of you remember the cutest little cousin duo, Sophia Grace (8) and Rosie (5) who became internet famous in 2011? They used to sing and rap Nicky Minaj songs on YouTube, and were made even more well-known when they were invited onto 'The Ellen show'. Sophia Grace kind of stole the show...she was confident and wildly hilarious, and she did all of the singing and rapping. Her quiet cousin Rosie simply wiggled and danced beside her, pretending to sing on occasion, but nothing really coming out of her mouth. Rosie was Sophia Grace's 'Hype Girl'. In their first interview with Ellen, Sophia Grace even admitted: "Well, we like dancing, and Rosie makes me feel more confident 'cos I've got someone with me."

I make a joke with some of my girlfriends that they're the best hype girls. They know just how to let me shine when it's my time, and when it's their shining moment, I love to be there to hype them up and make them feel confident and supported too. This, in a nutshell, is what it feels like to have the support of your girls!

Over the years, I have had the privilege of developing friendships with some of the most incredible women. In fact, the depth and intimacy of these friendships fills me with tearful joy sometimes, as I ponder over the blessing these friends have brought into my life over the years, simply by being there, being themselves, and letting their courage, kindness and love encourage and inspire me daily. The thing I love most about these friends of mine is how they dream. They have big, beautiful goals and plans for their future. Unfortunately, not all of these powerful women have had the financial support necessary over the years to realise their dreams of studying further, moving abroad to pursue new career prospects, etc etc. The fact that I wasn't ever able to help really bugged me. But one day I thought about the fact that I have a business that could assist in some way...and I have the design ability to create something that could contribute in some way. And this is how the 'Girls Support Girls' capsule collection came about...

At the end of 2018, I designed 3 sock designs that I felt communicated the need for women to support each others' dreams, and build each other up. You can see these designs below. These socks are now available for purchase online and in our sock shop in Muizenberg, Cape Town. ALL the profits are going to be collected into a fund, to be drawn out and given to individual women with beautiful dreams over the coming years and months. We will post the stories and journeys of these women in our JOURNAL as and when there is something to share. We hope you feel led to support this initiative. Not only do you get to support something special, but you get some funky socks to wear too!

Funky socks with quirky quotes, South Africa

Ladies' Girls Support Girls socks

Inspiring quote socks, Cape Town, South Africa

Ladies' She Climbs Mountains socks

Colourful socks to inspire you, Cape Town, South Africa

Ladies' Your Dreams Are Important socks

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