Since our 'Peeking Cat' and 'Doggy' sock designs that we first produced in 2017, our customers have been begging us for more pet-themed socks. We thought this would be a fun opportunity to use some interesting furry characters as inspiration. This led us to post a fun online competition! In April 2019 we launched our 'furry friends' competition on Instagram which required pet owners to post pictures of their cute, fluffy friends and tag @featsockco. We were overloaded with tags of the cutest and more interesting pets from around the world and it became difficult to choose our top three to use as inspiration. Eventually we whittled it down to our 10 favourites and put them up to a public vote. After the voting, there were three clear winners, and I'm sure you can see why...

This is Sebastian. Sebastian was rescued by his mom in November 2018, and has grown from a skinny, flea-bitten little pup into a feisty, and handsome big boy. He lives with his mom, his older brother Samuel and his sister Skye, who is also a rescue pup. Below is the sock design that Seb became the inspiration for. We call it the 'Walking Seb' sock because you can see Sebastian going for a walk with his mom, Jess.

This is 'Grumpy Cat'. We don't know his/her name or story because their owner didn't give us much detail when entering, but we feel that this kitty doesn't need much introduction... look at that face! 'Grumpy Cat' was a clear winner based on sheer attitude alone. Below is the sock design that he/she inspired. To be honest, we had to completely change the original design to this less grumpy version because all the wrinkles from the sheer grumpiness on this cat's face were too much detail for our sock machines to manage. Funny hey?

This is Eddie. Eddie lives in Switzerland with his mom and dad, Megan and Misha, and his big brother Paul the Dalmation. I've actually met Eddie before and stayed with him in Switzerland for a few days because Eddie's mom happens to be one of my lovely friends. Eddie has so much character. He loves playing in the fluffy snow on the mountain slopes of Switzerland and riding in mom's backpack when she cycles to the shops, and if mom leaves him home alone for too long he howls like the wolf he is on the inside. Below is the sock design that he inspired...

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