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Coming soon!

Hello again!
If you’re a frequent visitor and/or customer on our site, you will have noticed that I branched into something slightly different for Feat. this year when I designed fine stripe socks for men and women. Each size came in two colour ways, both in slightly longer lengths for the icy, winter months. I say this is something different for Feat. simply because we haven’t created socks with such a simple pattern in many many years. As the trend for fun socks has grown, we have been able to explore more and more “wild” patterns and cute motifs. It’s been such a fun journey and the wilder designs are certainly exciting to work on, but I found I was really missing the simplicity of spots and stripes.
These fine, winter stripes have been super popular. I didn’t want to ignore that my followers must be craving the simplicity too, so I decided to work on another stripe for the summer months… this time, a little brighter. I found inspiration from these beautiful knits I came across on Pinterest…
Fun colourful striped socks for summer, inspired by beautiful knitted jumpers
Colourful striped for spring/summer 2021; sock inspiration 
And just like I altered the lengths of the fine stripe options specifically for winter, I decided to crop the bright, summer stripe to accommodate the impending heat in South Africa. I’ve produced shorter-length, summer socks in the past with great success. Below you can see two past designs that I shortened for summer…
Ladies’ colourful ladybug socks, made in Cape Town, South Africa

Men’s town side socks. Short summer socks made in Cape Town, South Africa

I even added a little frill (also called a piquet) to the ladies’ Ladybug design you can see above, which has now become a much-loved feature on many of our ladies’ socks. That said, I couldn’t help adding it to the new stripe for summer 2021/22 too. So, here it is, our upcoming summer stripe, which will be launching in the next few weeks. You’ll see it has a lilac frill ribbing for ladies (size 4-7) and a plain, bottle-green ribbing for men (size 8-11). And I’ve drawn from our chosen Feat. colour scheme - you’ll notice yarn colours in these stripes that I use regularly for our designs… a common thread (excuse the pun) running through our ranges. 
Men’s colourful stripe socks made in Cape Town, South Africa.
Keep your eyes and ears open for the launch of these new socks in the next week or two!
Thanks for reading. Keep healthy and safe!
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Love love love all the FEAT SOCKS I have bought

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