We love wrapping our awesome socks up all cute for their new owners. If you're ordering through our online sock shop, please let us know in your check-out note if it's a gift and if you'd like your order gift-wrapped with a personalised note.

In your personalised note, let us know who the socks are for and who exactly you'd like them to be 'from'. We also have space on our little special note cards to write a short message. Gift wrapping also applies in our sock shop in Muizenberg, Cape Town. So, if you're in the area, pop down to 33 Palmer Road to buy some Christmas gifts.

Our socks are all about gifting and making people feel special. FEAT sock company was started out of a love of gifting and a friendship-long tradition of giving each other socks as presents. We love it when we know our socks have been bought as a gift for someone makes our hearts leap! Embrace the Christmas cheer and give our funky socks to someone special. Treating yourself also counts! FEAT socks are the gift that keep on giving, making you smile every day as you glance down at your footsies.

Remember we have a coupon code going on until Christmas day! Type the coupon code 'christmas cheer' in as you checkout to receive a 20% discount on your online order. Please note that this discount doesn't apply to shipping fees or to our mug & sock gift packs. Don't forget that local (within SA) delivery takes 2-3 working days and international airmail takes 10-14 working days. So if you're ordering from overseas, you might only get your socks after Christmas. Boohoo! But they'll still be just as adorable! Promise!


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