Maker's Menu Workshops

Creative Workshops in Muizenberg, Cape Town

Welcome home. You were born to play and create. This isn't just an invitation to one of our workshops, it's a homecoming celebration... a reminder to follow your intrinsic desire to be a curious, childlike maker.

Maker’s Menu is a sister company to FEAT. sock co. Run by the same team, Maker's Menu hosts exciting creative workshops within the FEAT. sock co. studio on various weekends and holidays. We describe ourselves as, "an encouraging space for anyone to nurture their inborn creativity through play and experimentation in the art and design sphere". Our workshops are facilitated by a variety of talented, local artists and crafters, as well as, Chelsey, owner and designer at FEAT. sock co.

Maker's Menu was birthed out of Chelsey's deep love for the tactility of arts and crafts. While designing socks will never get old for her, Chelsey found that the digital nature of her day-to-day creative work left her missing using her hands to get messy and 'make'. After pursuing various crafts like embroidery, block printing and jewellery-making, Chelsey began teaching her friends many of the crafts she had taught herself, and swiftly found that many of her friends shared her love for the therapeutic nature of play and experimentation. It was out of this realisation that Maker's Menu was born.

All of our workshops are hosted in the FEAT. sock co. studio: Shop 4, 33 Palmer Road, Muizenberg, Cape Town.

When we have upcoming workshops, we will post them below... 

Gouache Painting workshop in Cape Town, South Africa    Embroidery Workshop in Cape Town, South Africa - Andie Reeves             

Polymer Clay Jewellery Workshop Cape Town South Africa    Gouache Painting Workshop 2 Nov 2019, Cape Town.